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Db3 =employee compensation and benefit Research Paper

Db3 =employee remuneration and advantage - Research Paper Example This is credited to the way that once workers are acquainted with the motivator programs, there would be an interest to expand the estimation of the impetuses after some time. As a rule, an association may not be in a situation to build the estimation of the motivators along these lines restricting the viability of this specific conduct change apparatus. Presentation of the motivator framework may have both negative and positive effects on an association culture. For example, Hope and Fraser (2003) call attention to that the system may build worker seriousness in an association and simultaneously increment unwavering quality of motivating forces to impact execution. There are constrained long haul advantages of actualizing motivations programs. With expanding request on expanding the estimation of motivating forces, an association might be confronted with expanded use and representative clash in a drawn out premise. Bratton and Gold (2007) in any case, bring up that an organization’s culture may profit by the expanding level of intensity of the worker regarding expanded yield. It is an undeniable suspicion that once a motivator program is executed, it would be a significant misfortune if the program is withdrawn. Workers in an association may have a mental idea dependent on dependence on impetuses for execution. Expectation and Fraser (2003) contend this would adversely influence the employees’ approach on

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Mining In Space -- AIAA And New York Academy Of Sciences On December 1

Mining in Space - AIAA and New York Academy of Sciences On December 10, 1986 the Greater New York Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the building segment of the New York Academy of Sciences mutually introduced a program on mining the planets. Speakers were Greg Maryniak of the Space Studies Institute (SSI) and Dr. Carl Peterson of the Mining and Excavation Research Institute of M.I.T. Maryniak talked first and started by remarking that the quintessential bind of room flight is that everything propelled from Earth must be quickened to orbital speed. Identified with this is the conventional method to make things in space has been to fabricate them on Earth and afterward dispatch them into space on board huge rockets. The trouble with this methodology is the gigantic expense per-pound of boosting anything out of this current planet's gravity well. Moreover, Maryniak noted, since (in any event in the close to medium term) the space program must r ely on the administration for the greater part of its financing, for this monetary disadvantage essentially converts into a political issue. Maryniak proceeded by taking note of that the early pioneers in North America didn't endeavor to move over the Atlantic everything at that point expected to continue them in the New World. Or maybe they carried their instruments with them and built their natural surroundings from neighborhood materials. Subsequently, he recommended that the answer for the issue to which he alluded required less a move in innovation as a move in suspecting. Space, he contended, ought to be considered not as a vacuum, absolutely without everything. Or maybe, it ought to be viewed as a sea, that is, a threatening situation yet one having assets. Among the assets of room, he recommended, are promptly accessible sun oriented force and potential surface mines on the Moon and later other heavenly bodies too. The Moon, Maryniak expressed, contains numerous valuable mat erials. Also, it is twenty-two times simpler to quicken a payload to lunar getaway speed than it is to quicken the indistinguishable mass out of the EarthUs gravity well. As a functional issue the bit of leeway regarding the vitality required is significantly more prominent in light of the nonattendance of a lunar environment. In addition to other things this allows the utilization of gadgets, for example, electromagnetic quickening agents (mass drivers) to dispatch payloads from the MoonUs surface. Indeed, even crude Lunar soil is helpful as protecting for space stations and other space natural surroundings. At present, he noted, introduction to radiation will forestall anybody for spending a sum of over a half year out of their whole lifetime on the space station. At the opposite finish of the scale, Lunar soil can be prepared into its constituent materials. In the middle of steps are additionally of extraordinary intrigue. For instance, the MoonUs soil is wealthy in oxygen, which makes up the vast majority of the mass of water and rocket charge. This oxygen could be RcookedS out of the Lunar soil. Since the majority of the mass of the gear which would be important to achieve this would comprise of generally low innovation equipment, Maryniak recommended the likelihood that at any rate in the more drawn out term the extraction plant itself could be made to a great extent on the Moon. Another chance as of now being analyzed is the production of glass from Lunar soil and utilizing it as development material. The strategies in question, as indicated by Maryniak, are rough yet powerful. (In answer to an inquiry presented by an individual from the crowd after the conventional introduction, Maryniak expressed that he accepted the fragile properties of glass could be overwhelmed by utilizing glass-glass composites. He likewise proposed one more chance, that of utilizing Lunar soil as a premise of solid.) One potential use of such Moon-made glass would be in glass-g lass composite pillars. In addition to other things, these could be utilized as auxiliary components in a sun based force satellite (SPS). While enthusiasm for the SPS has melted away in this nation, in any event briefly, it is a significant focal point of consideration in the U.S.S. R. , Western Europe and Japan. Specifically, the Soviets have expressed that they will construct a SPS continuously 2000 (despite the fact that they plan on utilizing Earth propelled materials. Additionally the Japanese are directing SPS related sounding rocket tests. SSI

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ADHD and Computer and Video Game Addictions

ADHD and Computer and Video Game Addictions The Internet, computer games, Facebook, Twitter, smartphones, texting, instant messagesâ€"these are just some of the ways we stay plugged in, have fun, and connect socially with others. None of these technologies are inherently negative, but for some individualsâ€"especially those with ADHDâ€"these cyber activities can easily lend themselves to compulsion. ADHD Increases the Risk of Excessive Computer or Video Game Use People with ADHD are more prone to  addiction  of all types, so they are particularly susceptible to cyber addictions that involve computers, video games, and the Internet. Offerings of the cyber world provide engaging stimuli that change consistently, giving ADHDers a medium that seems attuned to their cerebral hard wiring. Additionally, the social anxiety that is sometimes associated with ADHD can be a factor in cyber additions. A video game binge is often preceded by periods of intense anxiety.  For those who have  social anxiety, video gaming, and the Internet provide a safe interface through which to interact with people, but one which seems to limit the advancement of social skills rather than enhancing it. Signs of Computer or Gaming Addiction Here is a list of possible  warning signs: Timewarp, an inability to determine  cyber  timeLying about cyber behaviorsChanges or disruptions in sleepWithdrawing from family and friendsLosing interest in other hobbies and recreational activitiesPoor performance in school or at workTwo hours a day, more than four days a week of cyber activitySuffer from  backache, carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff neck, nerve pain, eye strainInability to see the negative consequences of  cyber  activityEating meals at the computerMood swingsWithdrawal symptoms after playing games or cyber activity, such as  headache, malaise, light-headedness Getting Help for Cyber Addictions First of all, you have to admit you have a problem. Once you take that most crucial step, you need to find an ally or support person who can help you figure out what resources might be needed to successfully confront your problem. Look for a local therapist who is familiar with cyber addictions. Often times, when people excessively spend time on the computer, Internet, or video games, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Other issues may very well be in play. Professional help may be necessary. How Parents Can Help Children Navigate the Cyber World in a Healthy Way Be aware of the potential danger and know the warning signs. Secondly, you have to ascertain what your childs motivations are: adventure, fantasy, escape, excitement, withdrawal, achievement, relief for anxiety, etc. Then you have to find ways of getting your child to meet that need in the real world. If your child needs intensity or excitement, maybe its time to look into paintball (paying great attention to the need for safety equipment)  and other intense sports. If  role-playing  seems to be the motivating factor, get your child involved in theater, acting classes, comedy classes, or a summer drama camp. Your childs motivations hold the key to intervention.? In addition, try to get involved in the cyber activities of your child when he or she is young so that you are tuned into that part of his or her life. Remember, it can be quite tricky to find motivational carrots for an ADHDer, so if cyber activities carry motivational potential, you may want to use them.

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The Westernization of Eastern Countries Is Increasing the...

Globalization is the integration of countries’ individual culture and traditions into one global, conglomerate culture. It leads to the spread of the dominant western culture into many eastern countries. Eating disorders are typically associated with industrialized countries primarily, but because of the globalization the economy and society they are appearing more and more in developing countries such as China and Korea. Eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa are fairly new psychological disorders comparatively, and did not originate anywhere else except for the Western world. For example, in the United States today, approximately 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder (â€Å"Eating . . . 2013). For the past 30 years, America has been developing the criteria for mental health especially concerning diagnosis and treatment (Watters, 2010). The westerniza tion of Eastern countries is increasing the frequency and severity of eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. The westernization of societies around the globe increases the likelihood of eating disorders. Eating disorders were extremely rare until the late 20th century, when Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa began to appear primarily in the United States during the 1970s. American culture was rapidly changing due to the Civil Rights Movement and Sexual Revolution; society became

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Building A New Executive Manager For Toyota - 1504 Words

Coming into an environment that did not end well can be difficult because you must quickly react to the situation to make positive changes or there could be long-term consequences. Stepping into this role it was important to understand the company’s culture and objective when developing a plan that would benefit the organization as a whole. The first step of the process is to reorganize the department and develop goals for which provide the department guidance. From there I must determine what the department and company as a whole need to do in order to begin moving the department in the best direction. With that information, I was able to compile a plan that will help the organization achieve its goals while boosting the morale of the†¦show more content†¦With that perspective, the current structure of the Quality Control Department consists of seven different components that each have a director and a couple of managers supervising a group of inspectors. That means there are roughly seven directors, fourteen managers, and about fourteen groups of inspectors at a minimum. For an organization that expects all employees to be engaged in quality assurance, there a large department for quality control that could be better utilized to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and better align the organization to achieve its goals of quality. The restructuring of the departments would consist of three components: interdepartmental connections, quality improvement, and customer research and employee training. This structure is going to utilize the core organizational piece of culture that every employee is responsible for quality assurance. The old Quality Control Department contained a component for each part of the manufacturing process which is good, but unnecessary when you can integrate inspectors into the other departments to be more cost effective and remain focused on the company culture. The Interdepartmental Connections

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Student Finance and Foods Market Free Essays

FI-516 – WEEK 2 – MINI – CASE ASSIGNMENT Select a major industrial or commercial company based in the United States, and listed on one of the major stock exchanges in the United States. Each student should select a different company. Avoid selecting an insurance company or a bank, as the financial ratios for these financial businesses are different. We will write a custom essay sample on Student: Finance and Foods Market or any similar topic only for you Order Now Write a 7 – 8 page double spaced paper answering and demonstrating with calculations and financial data the following questions: 1. What is the name of the company? What is the industry sector? * The company name is Whole Foods Market Inc. Whole foods market, Inc. is the Food Retailers Wholesalers industry. * The products include: grocery, seafood, bakery, prepared foods, meat and poultry, dietary and nutritional supplements, vitamins, specialty (beer, wine and cheese) body care products, floral and household products and pet products. 2. What are the operating risks of the company? * Organic foods market has several laws and regulations relating to health, sanitation and food labeling. * FDA, FTC, CPSC, USDA and EPA have set standards for the manufacture, packaging, and advertising of organic products. If failure to qualify these standards could result in the confiscation of marketing and sales licenses. 3. What is the financial risk of the company (the debt to total capita lization ratio)? Debt to total capitalization ratio = Debt / (Shareholder’s equity + Debt) ————————————————- 1,300,770 / 4,292,075 = 30. 31% 4. Does the company have any preferred stock? No, the Whole foods market, Inc. does not have any preferred stock. 5. What is the capital structure of the company? : Short term portion of Long Term Debt, Long Term Debt, Preferred Stock (if any), and market value f Common Stock issued and outstanding? * Capital structure: ————————————————- Total Debt to Total Equity: 0. 60 ————————————————- Total Debt to Total Capital: 0. 60 ——————————â€⠀Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€- Total Debt to Total Assets: 0. 42 ————————————————- Long-Term Debt to Equity: 0. 58 ————————————————- Long-Term Debt to Total Capital: 0. 58 * The Whole foods market, Inc. does not have any short-term portion of long-term debt, and there is no preferred stock. Long-term debt: $17. 44 million * The Whole foods market, Inc. has 300,000 share authorized and $178. 89 million shares issued and outstanding at 2011. 6. What is the company’s current actual Beta? ————————————————- * The current actual Beta is 0. 66 7. What would the Beta of this company be if it had no Long Term Debt in its capital structure? (A pply the Hamada Formula. ) ————————————————- BL= B1 [1+(1-T) (D/E)] ————————————————- = 0. 66 / [1+(1-0. 35) (0. 43)] ————————————————- 0. 52 8. What is the company’s current Marginal Tax Rate? ————————————————- 35% 9. What is the Cost of Debt, before and after taxes? The cost of debt before taxes is 6. 7%, and after taxes is 4. 5%. 10. What is the Cost of Preferred Stock (if any)? The Whole foods market, Inc. does not have any preferred stock. 11. What is the Cost of Equity? ———————†”————————- Cost of Equity = (Dividends per share/current market value of stock)+Growth Rate of Dividends ————————————————- = (0. 40 / $86. 47) + 0. 56% ———————————————— = 0. 01 12. What is the cash dividend yield on the Common Stock? The cash dividend yield on the common stock is 0. 56 (0. 60%) 13. What is the Weighted Average Cost of Capital of the company? The Weighted Average Cost of Capital is 7% 14. What is the Price Earnings Multiple of the company? ————————————————- Current market value of stock / EPS ———————————à ¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€- = $86. 47 / 2. 21 ————————————————- = 39. 13 15. How has the company’s stock been performing in the last 5 years? In May 2007, the price of common stock was $39. 74 per share, but it dropped to $8. 19 per share in 2009. Although after the recession of price drop, the price begins the raise up to $86. 47 per share now. 16. How would you assess the overall risk structure of the company in terms of its Operating Risks and Financial Risk (Debt to Capitalization Ratio)? Total debt/total equity| 0. 0063| Total debt/total capital| 0. 0063| 17. Would you invest in this company? Why? Or Why not? * Officially I would invest portion of my assets into the portfolio. Since the price has raise from the last two years in an even steady price. Even though they have two small period of time that drop for about 15%. Overall the stock market seems to be passive about the movement of the behavior optimistically. Therefore be hold within the smaller beta that show less variable of the changes. I believe this could be a chance to be rich! 18. The last page of your paper should be a Bibliography of the sources you used to prepare this paper. Bibliography: * http://www. wikinvest. com/stock/Whole_Foods_Market_(WFM) * http://www. thestreet. com/quote/WFM/details/company-profile. html * http://yahoo. brand. edgar online. com/displayfilinginfo. spx? FilingID=8260392-165255- 169255type=sectTabIndex=2companyid=10959ppu=%252fdefault. aspx%253fcik%253d865436 * http://www. investopedia. com/terms/d/debt-to-capitalratio. asp#axzz1v5caUyeq * http://www. marketwatch. com/investing/stock/wfm/profile * http://finance. yahoo. com/q? s=WFMql=1 * http://www. investopedia. com/terms/c/costofequity. asp#axzz1v5caUyeq * http://www. thestreet. com/qu ote/WFM/details/growth-rates. html * http://www. wikiwealth. com/wacc-analysis:wfm * http://markets. ft. com/research/Markets/Tearsheets/Financials? s=WFM:NSQ How to cite Student: Finance and Foods Market, Essay examples

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Disney Constructs Childhood free essay sample

â€Å"Disney constructs childhood so as to make it entirely compatible with consumerism† (Smoodin cited in Giroux, 2002; 105). Discuss this statement in relation to TWO animated films from the Disney canon. The Walt Disney Company is a diversified international entertainment company (Disney, 2010) with ownership of many media outlets including radio, cinema, television and literature as well as consumer products such as stationary and toys.The Disney brand has huge recognition globally especially in the category of children’s entertainment with over 80 years of productions in this sector. With an obvious predominance and market leadership in children’s entertainment and consumerism, The Disney Company has an unparalleled capability to reach and influence millions of children globally with promotion and advertisement of its productions and consumer goods.Closer examination of Disneys projected and well protected image as a business focused at providing wholesome e ntertainment to the masses, â€Å"the happiest place on earth† (Giroux, 2000,100) reveals that within the entertainment lies an undeniable amount of self advertising and allusions to consumerist behaviours aimed at children. We will write a custom essay sample on Disney Constructs Childhood or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This harmony that Disney creates between Childhood and consumerism is accurately outlined in the following argument â€Å"Disney constructs childhood as to make it entirely compatible with consumerism† (Smooden, 1994: 14, cited in Giroux, 2002,: 105).This link between Disneys seemingly innocent entertainment, its meticulous image, hidden self advertising and promotion of consumerism to children can be highlighted with the example of two of its films, The Little Mermaid (1989) and Hercules (1997). The Disney Company holds a significant and influential place in society and entertainment culture around the world especially in the context of children and childhood. Children for many generations, since the establishment of the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio (â€Å"Company History†, 2010, para2) in the early 1920s, have been audiences to the entertainment that Disney produces.Since the company’s establishment and therefore over many generations, Disney has situated it self in a highly influential position culturally as an international storyteller and cultural icon. The Disney empire saturates every aspect of society and childhood with its films, products and advertisements which penetrate into the lives of everyone who is exposed to their influence. As argued by Giroux (2000, 100) â€Å"Disneys image as an icon of American culture is consistently reinforced through the penetration of the Disney empire into every aspect of social life†. The influence and appearance of Disney in society is undeniably wide spread, shown in the statistics taken from the Global Disney Audiences Project in which 97. 5 respondents had seen a Disney film (Wasko, J. , Phillips, M. , Meehan, E. R. , 2001, 358) With an almost monopolistic hold on childrens entertainment (Katy, 2009) and the entertainment industry, as well as iconic cultural status, Disney is able to further its popularity by advertising through its broad range of media platforms.With seemingly unlimited potential to broadcast itself and its products, advertising is a key component of Disneys harmonization of childhood and consumerist behaviours. Disney is a highly powerful media conglomerate that includes ownership of almost every imaginable media outlet; Disney uses this large number of medium as a platform to advertise its self and its products both explicitly and implicitly to its viewers. â€Å"It has the power to turn every element of communication and information into an advertisement† (Giroux, 2001, Chapter 5).Disney does not only use methods such as billboards, posters and television advertisements to promote its products, the company also use its films as advocates for consumerism of its products, these hidden messages are often clouded by the company’s reputation as innocent, wholesome family entertainment. â€Å"Commercialization is probably the most appalling thing about Disney movies† (Moody, 2001, chapter 5). Upon closer inspection it is obvious that the Disney films are not only there to entertain but also to promote consumerism to children.